Tribot Robot

Tribot Robot is available to order from 9 stores, stock levels are changing so check out the latest Tri-Bot prices to find the best deals and availability.

Tribot Robot is a red interactive robotic companion with a great personality from WowWee. Tribot has LED eyes, a pop top head, animated eyebrows, poseable arms and can speak & play various games such as maze, pattern or minefield.

Tribot features 5 different play modes including demo, free roam, program, alarm & guard. Tribot can move in all directions, spinning 360 degrees using his 3 wheels. Tribot is controlled using the sensitive remote controller and when tilted moves him forwards and backwards.

Tri-Bot comes equipped with an alarm to make sure you get up to stop him. He can also tell you when he’s fallen over and even avoid obstacles.

Tribot Robot talks as he scoots around the room and in program mode you can store a sequence of up to forty steps allowing him to dance about or follow your lead.

Tribot is a great new robot from WowWee the makers of RoboSapien and is sure to be a big winner this Christmas for both kids and gadget fans!.

Tribot robot is suitable for Children from 5 years. Tribot requires 8 x AA batteries and for the remote controlĀ 3 x AAA